We are presenting you a new innovative service
on the Croatian market

What is a Virtual Office Assistant?

Business mobile and e-secretary is a provider of comprehensive support in the area of administrative-legal and financial affairs, which, depending on the needs of the client, is done by entering your business space or via the Internet from our own office, using communication software, saves time, increases business efficiency, and facilitates data access.

We offer this service in the Northwestern Croatia

(Međimurska, Varaždin and Koprivnica, Križevci County)

What jobs does a virtual office assistant do?

Why hire a virtual office assistant?

By using virtual business assistant services, you will reduce your fixed business costs:

  • You do not have employee costs (net salary, retirement, health insurance, transportation ...)
  • Instead of full-time, you only pay real working hours
  • No training or access required because the business virtual secretary has a long-standing work experience in business management and administrative affairs
  • You can book the business virtual secretary's service as a business cost
  • Save your time (all jobs you do not arrive will be resolved as soon as possible)

Depending on the scope and specific business needs, there are various packages of virtual business secretaries. The service package can be fully adapted to your requirements and needs.

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