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Websites for companies

Whether small or large, our approach to you is always the same. Today, if a company does not have a website, it does not exist virtually. Entrepreneurs often wonder; '' Why should my company have a website? I have a lot of work to do without advertising. '' Statements like this in the marketing world cause an uncomfortable feeling. There is never enough advertising. You can’t know if you’re going to have work tomorrow or not. You should always plan in advance and thus prepare for all possible situations.

Advertising is not pure sales. It’s a long-term process, creating a brand image, because people buy when they have a notion of the identity of a particular brand. Today, when we live in a world of sales and services, it is essential to always present ourselves in the best world.

The website does just that. It represents you and your company in the best possible way.

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Complete online stores

The store moved to the internet a couple of years ago and decided to stay online. More and more people are buying online and it has become commonplace. At least there is still skepticism towards card payments but cash on delivery is no problem. We will create web shops for you and be with you until the first sale.
When creating a web shop, certain details are important, and the most important thing is simplicity and accessibility. We offer a user testing service at existing web shops. In other words, testing your web shop and issuing a recommendation for change. The survey is based on different opinions of ordinary Croatian citizens.

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Visual identity

Visual identity is your logo, brand, what marks you on the Internet and how people know you.

Graphic design is the basic section of a website. Every website needs graphic preparation of logos and other photos. In order for the page to load quickly, it is necessary to graphically process each photo.

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Hosting accommodation of website

Web hosting is a service of hosting web pages on a server, during which the web hosting service provider rents a part of the space on the web server to the web hosting user for a certain period - usually a year. All hosting packages from our offer come with a cPanel interface that gives you a stable and secure high-performance server!

Hosting packages differ from each other depending on the size of the space and traffic (bandwidth). Space indicates the amount of MB or GB that is leased on the server from the hosting provider. The space must be sufficient to accommodate complete websites, but also the space should be sufficient to ensure uninterrupted communication via email for all email accounts you use.

QR Online Menu / Price list for restaurants and cafes

Preporuka stožera Civilne zaštite je da se sa stolova uklone klasični cjenici i jelovnici u vrijeme ograničenih uvjeta rada zbog virusa Covid-a 19. Restorani, caffe barovi, fast foodovi i druge vrste ugostiteljskih objekata primorani su ponuditi jelovnik i cjenik svojim gostima preko QR Online jelovnika.

QR kodove možete staviti na restoranske naljepnice, transparente, salvete, a oni također mogu biti dio vašeg oglašavanja na letcima, plakatima i autobusnim nadstrešnicama.

Ova godina će biti teška za sve ugostitelje te smo zbog toga osmislili prihvatljive pakete sa odličnim cijenama. Sa QR Online jelovnikom ugostitelj će uštedjeti jer nema potrebe printanje jednokratnih jelovnika i čestog dezifinciranja klasičnih cjenika / jelovnika.

Online jelovnik je personalizirani i prilagođen vašem postojećem dizajnu. Samo je potrebno da nam dostavite vaš postojeći cjenik u pdf formatu i brzo ćemo izraditi online jelovnik.

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