Kako organizirati virtualni sastanak na Vašem računalu? ⋆ Design-ika.com

How to organize a virtual meeting on your computer?

Nowadays, you will need to do a meeting in the virtual world. We bring you the process of how to connect to another computer and demonstrate your business.

Communication is possible via phone, skype, viber, whats up.

Connect to another computer using the AnyDesk free app. Both computers must have the AnyDesk application installed.

AnyDesk application is very similar to TeamViewer which has recently started to block and does not allow longer communication than 2 minutes. That is why we recommend AnyDesk. While connected, you can use the mouse to display on another computer and thus complete the presentation. For example, you want to explain to your designer what changes you want on a website or you want to explain to your student how to solve a problem.

Step 1.

Search for AnyDesk on Google search.

Click on the first AnyDesk link in the Google search engine.

Step 2.

Click on the green button - Free Download on Anydesk website.

Step 3.

You have downloaded and saved the application to your computer. Once the download is complete (takes less than a minute) click on the app to launch it.

Step 4.

You have launched the application and can now give your partner the identification number of your application. (this is the case if someone connects to your computer)

If you want to connect to another computer then ask for the ID number and enter it in the field to the right of your ID number.

Step 5.

To allow the connection, you must grant access by clicking Accept or Allow in the window that appears after your partner enters your id number.

If you are connecting to another computer, then you are just waiting for your partner to confirm and grant access. After approval, a window opens where you see your partner's computer in real time as if it were your own computer. 

You can open and view all options except the main ones for the operation of the computer itself. The application is one-time and the connection cannot be made without confirmation.